The Healing Power of Facebook


This blog is being created for my Introduction to Social Media Course at Algonquin College with hopes to continue using it as a learning tool. A way for me to introduce, express and explore different social media, while posting my personal thoughts and experiences. I will also use it to learn from, through you my audience, as you provide your feedback, opinions and questions.

Let me start off by telling you a story about one of my first experiences with Facebook….

In the early morning of August 2, 2007, I became a first time mom at age thirty-three to a beautiful boy and my life immediately changed. It went from having a corporate career, travelling the world and hosting impromptu dinner parties to a full-time mommy of a beautiful baby boy, changing diapers, swimming lessons, playgroups and planning family vacations with my husband and now two sons.


As you can see the birth was quite overwhelming yet wonderful

The year 2007 really introduced and changed my views on Facebook, social media and its reach. I was a newbie and very wary of what it could be used for. That was until I needed it for me.

It was in the months leading up to the birth of my son that I joined Facebook and became more interested in social media. Facebook became my social network. A link to stay connected to my colleagues, friends, family, news, community and the outside world. It was my information resource, my advice and my friend while alone in the middle of the night.


Thirty-two days after my son was born he became very ill with Strep B Bacterial Meningitis. He was rushed to the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario where my family would face many days of uncertainty in the 3 weeks that lied ahead. It was then that I reached out through Facebook and used it for the first time as a social networking tool to help me get through this stressful time. It allowed me to update my family and friends on my son’s condition and in return it gave me daily support and encouragement. Thankfully the Doctors and Nurses at CHEO were there to safe his life and my 7-year-old son is thriving and healthy today.



My son Luka and I at CHEO recovering from Group Strep B Bacterial Meningitis

Have you ever thought about the history of Social Media and when you started using it or how it has affected you? In this very cool info-graphic called “Social Media-A History” created by Cendrine Marrouat (Research) from Creative Ramblings and (Design) by Karim Benyagoub, you can see in detail the timeline of how social media, as we know it today, came to be. Read more at

Before Facebook, I would have felt alone. For months after returning home from the hospital with my son, I continued to update my Facebook Friends on his progress and it helped us all heal. From that moment on I realised the Power of Facebook. I was no longer alone, wary or afraid. I welcomed it with open arms and continue to. Have you ever used Facebook as a healing tool? Or do you know anyone who has? Were you initially afraid or wary of Facebook? Would love to hear your thoughts or feedback. Please feel free to leave a comment below.

Facebook….what a wonderful tool for healing.

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